Digital solutions

A complete line of products for efficient modern restoration


Our modern products feature high tolerance and accuracy to ensure a convenient and effective restoration.


Rotational and Anti-rotational designs combined with and non-engaging design combined with different collar heights.

Scan body 

High-accuracy scanning component made of PEEK and available in different lengths.

Digital analog

Implant replica that simulates the implant position in a 3D printed digital model.

Multi unit components

Ti-base, scan body and digital analog for customized screw-retained restorations

Our digital library is available for 3SHAPE and EXOCAD and includes all of our CAD/CAM components.

Guided surgery

Guided implant surgery allows you to place implants in an efficient, precise, and effective way.

In collaboration with Blue Sky Bio, our implants are available for digital guided planning using BlueSkyPlan software.

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