Buy dental burs online – a beginner’s guide

Buy dental burs online

Dental burs online guide

Online purchases have become more and more abundant with the dawn of the internet. This trend is also seen when looking at purchasing of medical equipment. This allows dentists and dental lab worker to save time and money by acquiring, among other instruments, dental burs online. The following article will elaborate on how to properly purchase burs online and where.

The Importance of Dental Burs

Dental burs are tools used by a dentist for many different purposes, each dictated by the bur’s properties. They are used for preparation of many dental procedures, from simple routine treatments to the most complicated surgeries. Therefore, one should be extra careful to choose their burs properly, with extensive preliminary research before buying.


Why should We Buy Dental Burs Online?

Online purchases have reached nearly every type of market currently in existence, and there’s no reason for them to skip the dental bur industry. Purchasing dental burs online offers a quick and simple way to acquire your equipment. There’s no need to drive to the store to inspect their qualities and types. Simply look online and find all the answers.

An advantage that has become one of the leading reasons for online purchases of burs it the quick delivery time. Express delivery is often offered through specialized delivery companies. These ensure that the product arrives as early as possible, with minimal damage incurred to it. This is useful because it can save the already – busy dentist much precious time.  

Another advantage of buying through an online dental store is how easy it is to ensure the product’s reliability. Websites often present their qualifications and record in a centralized and readable manner. That way you can see for yourself by which international standards the equipment is produced. No more shady manufacturers and distributers selling bad burs.


Israeli-made burs compared to 3rd Other Countries

The Israeli industry is widely known to produce many high – quality medical instruments and products. This is no exception when it comes to the dental bur industry. Israeli manufacturers always aspire to comply with the most important international standards. European and American standards are very strict and indicate very high – quality products.

In contrast, manufacturers from 3rd world countries do not excel in meeting these highly prestigious standards. This fact often leads to production of inferior products that should not be relied upon for long term use. Choosing burs from these manufacturers could cost the dentist high sums of money and could even lead to injuries and lawsuits to the dentist.

Additionally, the government is rarely involved in the supervision of these factories. This often leads to widespread violations of human rights and abuses. For example, child labor is a common occurrence in African countries. Because of the lack of institutional involvement, there is no guarantee that the burs produced were not produced illegally by using kids.


How to Choose the Proper Dental Burs when Purchasing Online

Many aspects should be considered when choosing to order your dental burs online. One of the most important ones is product warranty. Because of how fundamental burs are for a dentist’s work, it’s important to have them covered in case they break so they could be cheaply replaced. Always make sure the products you buy come with the proper warranty.

Attention should also be given to the quality of the burs. Not all burs are produced by proper medical standards and qualities. These could severely hamper a dentist’s ability to work and perform treatment. This can be ensured by checking for the proper international medical standards. This especially includes European standards which are often very strict.

Arguably the most fundamental aspect for choosing your shop is pricing. Dental equipment is very expensive and be quite a burden for many of its users. However, this does not mean that every purchase is worthwhile. Make sure to check between the different dental bur distributers to find the best prices. This could save you a lot of money.


Why Choose Eagle Dental Burs?

Eagle Dental is an Israeli online shop that distributes dental rotary instruments and supplies. They have an excellent record and offer many important services that can greatly help every dentist or lab worker. They comply with the strictest regulations of dental equipment to ensure maximum product quality and performance.

They sell a wide variety of dental burs of every category: Milling burs, Diamond burs, Carbide burs, Gold burs, Polishing burs and many more. The most popular types of burs online are Cerec burs, Zirconia milling burs, Cerec restoration kits, Interproximal reduction burs, Zirconia cutting burs and Surgical burs.

Eagle Dental also provides excellent warranties and highly personal customer service in case their help is needed. This leaves no customer with questions in any scenario and ensures maximum satisfaction.

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